Kiwi Mojo is New Zealand's first and only botanica, catering to the Haitian Vodou, Santeria/Lukumi, African Diaspora Religion, and hoodoo/conjure/rootwork communities.  We offer spiritual products and services, including readings, as well as devotional items and one off art pieces.

Kiwi Mojo was established by Houngan Liam and Houngan Alistair in 2009 prior to their kanzo initiations into Haitian Vodou.  It was created originally to provide a place for hoodoo and Santeria/Lukumi products and services, but really came into its own when Houngan Liam and Houngan Alistair became initiated priests of Haitian Vodou.  The Kiwi Mojo website became a much needed home for accurate information about Haitian Vodou, as well as a place where products and services could be advertised.

Kiwi Mojo brings together Houngan Liam’s experience and direct approach, Houngan Alistair’s compassion and insight, and their spiritual family's combined knowledge and passion.  It is a place to learn as well as a business.  It is an organization and brand with a mission: to educate, to provide accurate information, and to help those who are drawn to these paths and practices to come to them in a correct way.  No one else in the Australasian region provides this information or these services, and Kiwi Mojo aims to make Vodou, hoodoo and Santeria/Lukumi approachable and relevant to those who would otherwise have no access to these paths or their teachings.

Our store is an extension of our philosophy of education and authenticity.  Every product is the real thing, either handmade to traditional recipes or imported from a reputable overseas source.  Whenever possible, we source organic, fairly traded, environmentally friendly ingredients for our products.  We make every effort to support local businesses, giving back to our community.  When we bring in products from Haiti, we ensure that we go directly to Haitian suppliers and are putting money into the Haitian economy; directly contributing to a country still in need after the 2010 earthquakes.

For more information about what Kiwi Mojo is, who we are, what we do, and how we can help you: please visit our website or contact us at