Fixed Candles

Magically "fixed" candles are dressed with herbs and magical oils to aid in manifesting your intentions.  They can be prepared for almost any circumstance or intention, and are one of the most common types of magical work.  The reason for the popularity of fixed candles is quite simply that they work!

Kiwi Mojo's fixed candles are prepared for you by an experienced practitioner of hoodoo. Using magical oils, herbs, and colour associations, your candle will be prepared and prayed over according to your needs.

We prepare fixed candles for a number of conditions, or you are welcome to request a customied candle for a specific situation.  We offer a wide range of fixed candles, but we can prepare customised candles for any situation.  If you need a candle for real estate, reversing, happiness, quitting smoking, or any other conidition, just contact us at and tell us what you need.

The candle will be shipped to your home with full instructions for burning it for your intentions.  If you are unable for any reason to burn candles yourself, we are able to burn them at Hfor you.  Candles will be burned on our altars, either on our hoodoo luck altar or on the Vodou altar next to an appropriate lwa.  In this instance, we will provide photographs. Please advise us if you would prefer the candle to be burned here.

We look forward to providing you with our high quality candles.  All candles are prepared with only the highest quality herbs, powders, and oils; prepared at Kiwi Mojo.  These are unlike any other candles on the market and we know you will enjoy burning them.