Poudre Majik: Haitian Style Magical Condition Powders

These herbal powders are made in the Haitian style to traditional recipes with a unique Kiwi Mojo twist.  Unlike hoodoo style talc based powders, Haitian style powders are made from 100% powdered botanical material.  Kiwi Mojo are the only New Zealand supplier and manufacturer of these powders, which are made in New Zealand by New Zealand's only traditional Haitian Vodou society.

The powders can be used in a variety of ways, from dressing candles to burning on charcoal as incense.  They can be scattered in or around a building, you can dust your clothes with them, you can steep them in water and bathe in the resulting liquid.

The powder comes in a 30g jar, and will last a long time.  Because there is no filler or carrier material, a little of the powder goes a long way.  The formulas are completely plant based, and there is no loss of scent or colour which comes with the addition of talc or other filling material.  A tiny amount carries an incredible strength and scent, and will last a long time.

These are traditional products made in the traditional manner, heated and strengthened the traditional way.  These are not a common product to find, and Kiwi Mojo are pleased to make them available to our customers both in New Zealand and worldwide.